A day shopping at The Linen Shack.

A day shopping at The Linen Shack.

Plain Linen.

Plain Linen is the strength of our store. Here, you'll find plain linens with a colour range from light to medium and dark. Other types of linen is re available for preorder with prices ranging from $13.90 AUD - $50 AUD 1 meters and delivery time is about 3-5 weeks for pre-orders.

In terms of outfits, plain linen goes well with various outfits, such as skirts, pants, shirts, skirts, blouses and vests. Plain linen in various colours and textures, from natural beige to vibrant colours and prints.

Plain heavy-weight linen preorder only. This is a beautiful thick pure linen fabric. Works perfectly for upholstery purposes, cushion covers or pillowcases, curtains etc.

Buy plain linen here.

Gingham Linen.

If you love classic fabrics and ruffles, then gingham linen is definitely for you. This fabric combines the classic checkered pattern of plaid with the natural and breathable properties of linen.

In terms of clothing, gingham linen goes well with many styles and garments, including dresses, blouses, skirts, pants, shorts and even accessories like bags and scarves. The classic plaid pattern adds glamour to any outfit.

Gingham linen is suitable for all ages. However, it is often associated with a youthful, playful aesthetic and is often worn by children and young adults. That said, gingham linen can also be styled more subtly or elegantly, making it suitable for older people as well.

Buy Gingham linen here.

Printed Linen.

We have printed linen with a weight of 260 grams, thick fabric. You'll have complete peace of mind when using printed linen to make covers, pillowcases or cushions, curtains, bags, aprons, tablecloths, and more.

Terracotta Floral Printed Linen and Rose Bouquet Printed Linen are two of the many products that the shop offers a special discount for customers. These two fabrics are suitable for making clothes, skirts, children's wear, scarves, light bed sheets, children's accessories, etc.

Heavy fabric weight, thick fabric, uniform colour printing, and hard to fade when washed are very satisfied customer reviews when shopping for The Linen Shack.

Buy other printed linen at here.

Striped Linen.

Striped linen is a popular fabric in fashion and home decor. This versatile fabric can be used for many applications, from clothing and accessories to curtains, tablecloths and decorative accents.

When it comes to weight, striped linen has an average weight of 5-8 meters , commonly used for making clothes such as shirts, skirts and pants. However, a weight of 8-10 meters is recommended for heavier items such as coats.

Buy stripe linen here.

Upholstery Linen.

Upholstery linen is a fabric made from the fibres of the flax plant. Upholstery fabrics can come in various textures and finishes, ranging from smooth and delicate to rustic and textured. It is commonly used for sofas, chairs, benches and other furniture.

Many homeowners and interior designers favour linen upholstery fabrics for their natural beauty and durability. Other types of linen can be used to make upholstery for household items, such as Plain linen, Printed linen, Embroidered linen, Striped linen, and Plaid linen.

 The Linen Shack provides printed upholstery fabrics for your home interior or fashion designs of bags, pants, tops, skirts, ... that you need to wear. Check it out.

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