Best places to buy printed linen fabric in the UK

1. Olive and Daisy (

Olive and Daisy is a boutique fabric store specialising in printed linen in the countryside of the UK. It was established in 2015 and has now expanded to offering soft-furnishing services. Its designs are classic and textural. The only caveat is its price can be quite dear from  £72. 

2. Caroline Inchyra (

Beautiful and very English patterns that they offer, Caroline Inchyra is another UK printed linen store worth checking out. They have created a range of timeless fabrics and home furnishings that take inspirations form the vintage world of Scotland.

3. Etsy 

Another place that can be extremely helpful in finding your perfect printed linen is Etsy. Many small shops don't even have a website or can't be found on Google, so Etsy is a very good place to start your search.

4. The Linen Shack (

And of course, we have to give a mention to our store. The Linen Shack is a boutique linen store based in Melbourne, Australia. We specialise in printed linen fabric and custom-printed linen fabric for home furnishings. We send our products to all over the world including the United Kingdom at a flat rate of only £8.5. We started The Linen Shack in 2021 with the hope of making this beautiful fabric more accessible to everyone and spread the love for linen to a wider audience. 

Our prices are therefore extremely competitive, starting from only £25 per meter. We provide samples swatches for all of our product. 

Check out our printed linen range here


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