Heavy Linen - Exciting Things (maybe) You Didn't Know About.

Heavy Linen - Exciting Things (maybe) You Didn't Know About.

To be known as cooler than cotton and silk, linen remains resilient despite its discovery decades ago. While silk and cotton cause a feeling of mystery and discomfort when worn in the summer, this fabric is an extremely cool material because of its high humidity and relative hardness, and it can especially resist. Here are some tips for you.



Home decoration.


Craft and DIY projects.


Kitchen utensils.


Kid's things.


Upholstery fabric

Garment companies use heavy linen for various purposes depending on the garment type and market.



Linen pants.


Skirts and jumpsuits.


Shirts and blouses.

In addition, when combined with other fibers such as cotton or silk, linen can enhance specific properties or create unique fabric compositions. When you combine pants with linen, you can discover many different fashion styles, including:

Elegant casual style.




Natural and rustic.

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