Why Is Linen Fabric Becoming Increasingly Popular In Fashion In Australia?

Why Is Linen Fabric Becoming Increasingly Popular In Fashion In Australia?

The Australian continent consists of different climatic zones due to the vast size of the territory. Summers in Australia are scorching hot, and winters are relatively calm. Northern Australia has a hot and humid climate in the summer and relatively warm in the winter. The southern regions are more pleasant, with mild summers and cool, sometimes rainy winters.

Linen has been widely used since ancient times, especially in making clothes. It has always been well-loved among Australians and has surged again in popularity in recent years. Keep reading to discover why linen is an ever-popular fabric that always stays in style! 

Linen is breathable and super comfortable.

 Freshly Flaxharvested linen.

Linen is one of the oldest fabrics known to man. Linen is an all-natural fabric made from the fiber flax plant. Linen is one of the best fabric for people who sweat or need to stay cool on days out. t is a lightweight fabric making it the perfect choice for all ages, sizes, shapes and seasons. 

Absorbent properties.

Linen is a highly absorbent fabric that quickly removes sweat from your skin. Besides absorbing moisture, it's also excellent at releasing it back into the air and keeping you dry throughout the day. You will be surprised that linen clothes can absorb as much moisture as 1/5 of their weight without feeling damp.

Linen Fabric.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable in terms of environmental impact.

Linen is obtained from the stem of the flax plant, which can grow even in harsh conditions. It requires little fertiliser and water, making it one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics. 


Linen is considered the world's strongest all-natural fibre and is much more durable than any other fabric. Moreover, it becomes softer and more luxurious after each wash.

Linen is a natural and very versatile fabric. Linen is used for men's and women's clothing. It also has good ability in colour fastness as well as tear strength. Linen is about two to three times stronger than cotton. Linen is prone to wrinkles, but linen clothes don't need much ironing as the wrinkles are what give linen its unique appeal.

Linen is very hygroscopic. It is hypoallergenic and protects the skin from bacteria, fungi and infections. Linen is a lightweight fabric. Most linens weigh about 80 - 600 grams per square meter. They are easy to wear, wash and store for a long time.


Linen is known for being incredibly cool in hot weather and very insulating in cool weather. It is a very comfortable and breathable fabric. It helps regulate body temperature as the fabric rubs against the skin.

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